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Grief Support for Families

Grief support is a vital element of Hospice care for families. Before, during, and after the loved one’s death, hospice grief services can be an important support to assist patients, families, and all the survivors of an individual patient.

Hospice care provides the psychological, emotional, and spiritual grief support needed during the difficult transition after the death of a loved one.

We offer counseling for those anticipating the death of someone close to them as well as individual and group counseling after death occurs. Other features of our comprehensive grief program are support groups designed for particular people who have experienced death, such as loss of spouse, loss of a child, adult loss of a parent.

Not only are we available for Serenity Hospice families and friends – but also we can offer support to grieving members of the community. With hospice intervention in the mourning period, the pain of grief can be eased. Survivors can move through the experience of grief, complete the normal tasks of grief, and grow spiritually as they progress in their lives.

If you have lost a loved one to death – spouse, friend, partner, or family member – and are interested in counseling or participating in a support group, please call our office.

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