Foster Care Services in Virginia

Our Foster Care in Virginia takes pleasure in providing the best services when it comes to adopting and foster care. Since 2003, Alliance Human Services has been licensed as a Child Placing Agency (CPA) in Virginia. We also provide Medicaid Treatment Foster Care including Targeted Case Management. While we serve children of all ages, we have developed particular expertise in serving teenagers. Being able to have a concentrated expertise on teenagers gives us edge in knowing what we excel at. But that doesn’t mean that we take serving children of all ages for granted just because we’re so focused in serving the teenagers. We do very well in all of our services no matter what age, but more particularly for teens. Our adoption support services in Virginia has been established with a vision of being able to provide and manifest the best care and service we are capable of giving; even going beyond the extra mile by giving value to every party involved in the process.

We Provide

Mentoring Services

We provide mentoring services to youth in foster placements as well as children living in their family homes. We believe that being able to monitor them wherever they are is essential in helping them live their lives. Whatever issues they may be facing, it’s always good for them to know that we are here with our mentoring services and they can always count on us. Case Managers oversee the implementation of individual treatment plans and work cohesively with the Department of Social Services to support children through trauma and permanency. Such permanent goals are adoption, reunification, permanent foster care, and fostering futures. These are quite sensitive cases that need to be dealt with and we take pride in our case managers in doing their best to implement the treatment plans along with the Social Services in order for the children to overcome whatever it is they are going through.

Follow ups Through the Mentoring Services

Follow ups through the mentoring services are very important to make sure that there aren’t any residuals or any leftovers of trauma or any issues that might interrupt in their holistic growth. The well-being of the child and being able to adjust and become part of a new environment is very important when it comes to fostering and adopting. These are cases that should not be taken lightly. It would be quite difficult for the poster or adoptive parents and the children if it were so. Our foster care and adoption support services in Virginia are reliable and trustworthy when it comes to handling these things. You can refer to our programs and services below. We have also listed our referral partner and the organizations that we are affiliated with.

Programs & Services

  • Specializing in placing difficult teenagers
  • Short- and long-term placements
  • Emergency placements
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Face to Face meetings with children regularly
  • Treatment and service planning
  • Weekly contact with foster parents
  • Referral for evaluations/services
  • Education/school liaison
  • Medication oversite
  • Court attendance and testimony
  • Documentation of medical/dental contacts
  • Assistance with visitation
  • 24 hour on-call service for foster parent and agencies
  • Quarterly assessment of foster homes
  • Quality Assurance/Outcome data
  • In-service training for foster parents
  • Monthly reports to referring agency

Referral Partners

• Department of Social Services



• Certified to Offer MAPP Training
• Certified to Offer Intensive Care Coordination Services
• Member of Virginia Association of Licensed Child Placing Agencies (VALCPA)
• Foster Family Focused Treatment Association

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent, or would like to refer a child to our services, please contact:


Address: 341 Main Street, Suite 301
Danville, VA 24541
Phone: (434) 836–3550



Address: 701 Thomas Road, Suite 112
Lynchburg, VA 24502
Phone: (434) 215-3693


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