Foster Care and Adoption Services in California

Alliance Human Services has been licensed as a Foster Family Agency (FFA) in California since 2004, and as an Adoption Agency since 2011. Our foster care and adoption services in California include serving children with a range of behavioral and emotional challenges, and specialize in services to children and youth with cognitive and developmental disabilities, including children with autism. We house such a wonderful and diverse children and we understand the needs that these youth in care require and we attend to them the best way we know we can. This means attending to their holistic needs, making sure that they are in the best condition as how we want ourselves to be taken care of.


Alliance has been great to work, both in process and the wonderful people, including yourself. Adoption has been a dream of mine and Alliance helped get me started on the journey. Hoping that Finley’s adoption will be final by the end of the year. Thank you and the staff. Mandi is awesome, don’t ever let her go! And Liz is wonderful, I’ve truly enjoyed working with her for the time we had.

– Thais



We commit very seriously as a Foster Care and Adoption Agency in California, to encourage and promote the well-being of every single youth within our care. Some may consider it as very challenging when it comes to rearing children youth with such special needs but years of commitment and dedication has made us not only become better but also passionate in what we do. Looking at youth in care not as a responsibility nor a liability but as part of our family has helped us move forward and has driven us to directions that we can certainly be proud of.

Proud member of the California Alliance of Child and Family Services

We are also a proud member of the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, and are members of the Foster Family-Based Treatment Association and the Association of Community Human Service Agencies. Not only that, we are also a vendored Regional Center Provider. These may very well prove that our services are legal and legitimate when it comes to foster care and adoption. But ultimately, being a member for alliances or communities doesn’t really compare to the actual services that we provide and the kind of atmosphere that we create in our agency. We make it to a point that everything goes well not only in terms of papers and legal necessities but also in creating meaningful and healthy relationships. The process may take a while, as it normally goes, but the wait is always worth it. We have listed our programs and services below for you to refer to and we have also included our referral partners and the organizations that we are affiliated with. We also have our contact information down below for any questions or queries you might have or if you are interested to become a foster or adoptive parent or if you want to refer a child to us.

Programs & Services

  •  Adoption placements
  • Short- and long-term placements
  • Emergency placements
  • Treatment and service planning
  • Weekly contact with Resource Parent
  • Referral for evaluations/services
  • Court attendance and testimony
  • Documentation of medical/dental contacts
  • Assistance with visitation
  • 24 hour on-call service for Resource Parent and agencies
  • Quarterly assessment of Resource homes
  • Quality Assurance/Outcome data
  • In-service training for Resource Parent
  • Resource Family Approval Assessment
  • Regular reports to referring agency

Referral Partners

  • Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services
  • Los Angeles Department of Mental Health
  • Riverside Department of Public Social Services
  • San Bernardino County Human Services Children and Family Services
  • County of Orange Social Services Agency
  • Harbor Regional Center
  • Westside Regional Center
  • Inland Regional Center
  • San Gabriel/ Pomona Regional Center



• Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
• Association of Community Human Services Agencies
• California Alliance of Child and Family Services
• Family Focused Treatment Association
• National Foster Parent Association

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent, or would like to refer a child to our services, please contact:


Address: 818 North Mountain Ave., Suite 206
Upland, CA  91786
Phone: (909) 476–1185
Fax: (909) 476–1195


Address: 2241 W. 190th Street
Torrance, CA 90504
Phone: (310) 792–8920
Fax: (310) 792–8998

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