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Alliance Rehabilitation Services Management and Consulting

Rehabilitation Services Management and Consulting

Alliance Health and Human Services offers a variety of therapy management and consulting services to clients through Alliance Health Management Services for fellow not-for-profit organizations and Alliance Quality Management for for-profit companies.  

Services include:

  • One-time assessment of therapy programs.  This comprehensive evaluation of your program examines cost efficiency, clinical effectiveness, and regulation and reimbursement compliance.  It includes a full day on site to observe and review reports, MDS, payroll, contracts, and policies.  The client is present with a detailed final report with recommendations and next steps.
  • Ongoing audit and assessment.  This is the development of an ongoing relationship which includes either monthly or quarterly onsite visits.  Continual review of key performance metrics, ongoing assistance with all aspects of your therapy program both financial and clinical.  Assistance with audits, appeals, programming, and staff development and education.  In addition, you will receive real-time ebalsts keeping you and your team up to date on regulation and reimbursement changes effecting therapy services.
  • Special Projects.  Tap into our expertise as you explore special projects related to the delivery of therapy services on your campus. This could include the development and implementation of outpatient services, home care services, or the development of a clinical specialty program such as wound care, lymphedema, or fitness/wellness programming.

Converting from Contract Therapy to In-house
PDPM is causing many facilities to question if their therapy service is ready for this new post-RUG era.  Soon we will look back on PPS/RUG days as the "Golden Age" of therapy in SNF's, where more therapy often meant more dollars.  The new PDPM model will define success by the cost effectiveness and clinical efficiency of your therapy service.  Many of the reasons we used contract therapy under PPS/RUGs go away under PDPM and providers must re-evaluate how best to provide therapy services moving forward.  The "spend more to make more" approach needs to be replaced with a program that drives outcomes, value, and facility-wide integration.

Continue with Contract Therapy or Migrate to In-House?

As more and more SNF reimbursement is based on value and outcomes, it is time to re-integrate therapy into your facility's care team.  The reality is no-one knows your residents better then your own employees.  While contracted staff can drive billable minutes, only your own employees can add real value, drive individualized outcomes, and truly be part of your care delivery team. In addition, integrated care teams do a better job of improving quality measures and driving up facility Star Ratings.

It's Never Been Easier To Go In-House

Over the next few months your contract therapy company will need to re-negotiate your contract as the "pay for RUG Days" model goes away (as there will be no more RUG days).  This is a great time to sever ties and convert.  The three main areas to focus on are:

  • Staffing.  Most time you can keep the staff you currently have since the contract company often does not have a place for them to go.  Keep the staff you want and replace the poorer performers.
  • Documentation and Compliance.  Most contractors use one of two programs; Rehab Optima or Casamba.  Both are simple to use and easy to implement in your own facility.
  • Programming.  Going in-house allows you to drive your therapy programming.  Develop the therapy services unique to the needs of your resident population, not driven from some national office. Be more flexible and nimbler to meet the changing demands of ACO's, bundled payment plans, and your unique mix of managed care providers.


We offer three individualized approaches.

  • Conversion Only.  In this approach we help you convert staff from contractors to employees, get you set up with documentation software, policies, and give you a framework for therapy programming.
  • Conversion Plus Monitoring: All the assistance above plus an ongoing program of monthly or quarterly onsite visits to audit, generate key performance reports, and help drive programming.  Recommended for smaller facilities with low skilled Medicare Part A census.
  • Conversion Plus Management:  All of the assistance above.  In addition, we provide an onsite rehab manager.  This person is in your facility everyday driving your rehab program.  Recommended for mid to larger facilities with a robust Medicare Part A census. 


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